(UPS)-Alternative Power Systems & Standby Generators

This is NOT something “else” we do…it’s ALL we do!

Before you spend any money, ask yourself, do I really know what I’m purchasing, allow us to explain, and educate you, we don’t just want to sell you a system.

Familiarity with the current products and technology available enables us to evaluate your current electrical system and recommend cost saving solutions for your backup power needs, now when you purchase a system your making a smart educated decision.

AMICI Power Solution likes to work with everyone, so feel free to inform us who you currently like to use for your mechanical/plumbing and electrical needs and if you currently have a propane gas provider. We are happy to contact your trusted people and ask if they would like to assist us on the install.

We also can provide, when needed, licensed and insured technicians to assist us on the install if you don’t have people you already work with. Remember, AMICI Power Solution is available long after the sale to maintain and service your system 24/7/365.


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