Does Your Generator Have a Problem?

AMICI Power Solution is available for emergency service, 24 hours a day! Being there when your generator has a problem is NOT second place to us. It is the first and MOST IMPORTANT service we offer. Service and repairs can be done by anybody, but do you want just anybody working on your equipment? 

Your home may be one of the most valuable appreciating assets you own. If you rely on a home standby generator to protect it, then why would you compromise the level of service it receives by allowing anyone less qualified than a factory-trained and certified technician to work on it?

Understanding Your Warranty

New generators come with a manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and/or labor for a set period of time. Any labor needed during that time, must be performed by authorized dealers to avoid voiding your warranty. AMICI Power Solution is an authorized dealer for most of the major brands and our technicians are certified and trained to perform all repairs covered under your existing warranty.

In many instances, a manufacturer offers an extended warranty, which we highly recommend to our clients. Contact us to see if your generator qualifies for an extended warranty. We look forward to serving you.  Submit your contact information for repairs and service.

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