Why is proper generator maintenance important?

It is very important and recommended by the generator manufacturers to have scheduled maintenance performed by a factory-trained and certified technician so as not to void the warranty. Just like a vehicle with an engine, your generator needs regular mandatory scheduled maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Here at AMICI Power Solution our multiple factory trained and certified technicians are all qualified to provide your generator the regular maintenance it requires.

Proper maintenance for out-of-warranty generators is also extremely important. This regular maintenance and servicing program will ensure the system is ready to run when it is most needed. Don’t let the next power outage remind you that your generator needs service. We are not saying we are the only company out there, we’re just saying to do your homework.

How often should I have my generator serviced?

All manufacturers have their recommendation and required things to do list, We in most cases exceed the manufacture’s maintenance levels with (2) two visits a year from one our technicians.

Here is our recommended annual generator maintenance:
The first annual visit is a “High Level Service” using factory parts or recommended cross-referenced parts so as not to jeopardize the manufacturer’s warranty. The second visit is a “Low Level Service.” For more information about our maintenance programs and what we do on high and low level visits, please contact us.

Both visits include a FULL inspection as well as a cleaning of the unit inside and out. We also can tailor our maintenance agreement to accommodate more than two visits per year for our clients who request or require more than our standard service.

During our visits, our technicians run a series of tests. These diagnostic readings are recorded in our database to compile a comprehensive generator history.

Do you think your generator needs some TLC?

Additional information can be found on the Service & Repair page. Thank you for considering us for all your maintenance needs.

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